I have chosen to remain anonymous on this blog and just be known as ‘The Unicorn’ because I feel that any labels of gender, age, race and social status can be a hindrance. I also think that our world is far too anchored in self image.

To me, the only things that matter are the ideas, the real life stories, the inspiration. Not who tells them. I am just a messenger, a channel.

I’ve spent a lot of my years in the ‘real world’, rose to high level jobs where I was fortunate to coach and mentor a lot of people and be influential to the management of the companies I worked in.

I was born a very spiritual individual in a family and context that knew nothing of it. I went through several spiritual awakenings that were both incredibly beautiful and immensely painful as we live in a society that mistrusts any connection with the divine consciousness.

In this blog, I share my journey, my take on the world and the spiritual messages I channel. My aim is to trigger awakening, inspire people to become the biggest version of themselves and help them align with their spiritual purpose…. through the articles I write… or through a customised ‘Soul Searching Journey’, a process I have devised based on both my business background and my spiritual connection.

If what you read talks to you, ignites something in you, then I have done my job. On these topics what matters is not how many people I reach but whom I reach. So if you were brought here, it is for a reason…