One little word that contains all human emotions in just two syllables…

Fear. Love. Temptation. Self sacrifice. Ambition. Devotion. Control. Compassion. Manipulation. Intuition. Angel. Demon. Mother. Bitch.

One word brings so many feelings and archetypes usually extreme and polarised. Throughout history, religions and myths, women have been in turn revered, Mother Earth, and source of the greatest calamities, the Original Sin… And yet today it seems only evident that what our planet needs the most is the return of the feminine energy in all its sacred dimension, the energy of unconditional love, understanding, compassion, tolerance, intuition, creativity, collaboration.

Yes, women need to come back at the forefront of humanity as much as men need to get in touch with their feminine side.

rise-of-the-feminine-energyAfter thousands of years of ‘male dominance’, understand by that dominance of the masculine energy, whether in the hands of men or in the hands of women (look at most women in the workplace who think that to succeed they have to display male attributes), what have we achieved as a so called civilisation? Never ending wars… just a change of source of conflicts. Intolerance, hatred, violence, separation, domination, fear, mistrust.

It is my opinion that we need to change and change our perspective of life if we want this world to survive and thrive and yes I am convinced it will only come if we all embrace our long forgotten feminine side to reach a perfect balance of Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine energies brought together into one powerful, unbreakable essence.

As a woman, I read a lot what is said and written by feminists everywhere. I have strong, beautiful (although they don’t like this word) feminists in my close circle and admire them for their engagement and relentlessness. And although I understand the need to defend female rights in a world that leaves them too often too little a place, I cannot understand the rejection and hatred it triggers against men. Yes, a lot of men in power have abused their position. They have dominated, mistreated, beaten up, humiliated, maimed and tortured females everywhere. I am not only talking about the darkest place of Africa or the horrors perpetrated in the name of religion by a bunch of idiotic male fanatics throughout history, I am also talking about the workplace, about the home, about our societies and the impossible pressure it puts on women everywhere. Those rights need to be defended and fought for but does it have to be at the expense of men? Does it have to include, as an underlying rule, a ‘devilisation’ (forgive the invented word that puts my spell check into furious red underlining) of men and all that they represent? When we do that are we not but reiterating the scheme of separation, rejection, labelling and judgement that got us here in the first place and has been prevailing on this planet for the past couple of thousands of years? Us, women, don’t we have a father, a brother, a husband, a friend, a cousin we love and admire? Men we love and listen to, not in a position of total servitude, but in a position of equals where we grow by confronting our perspectives on life and by that reach some sort of collaborative view on the next step to take, a virtuous synthesis if you will.

Because, it is true, we have different attributes, different skills, different strengths, different perspectives. For me it is nonsense to claim the contrary. None is ‘better’ than the other, they each provide a side of the truth.

Let me take a simple example. I have worked in the corporate world for 20 years up until one fine day where I decided that this life was not for me anymore. The unnecessary pressure, the politics, the power plays had tired me and most importantly were not allowing me to be who I wanted to be, so I quit… More on this in next episodes… People who know me well and have worked with me will tell you I did pretty good for myself, reached higher positions, developed a successful career I am proud of, presented at high profile conferences. By all means I was (presumably still am) a woman people listened to and, in most cases (we all have our detractors), respected my advice and mentorship. Yet, being very in touch with my feminine side I was very emotional, too emotional if I can say so myself. As a lot of women out there I tended to put my all in everything and as such would take, too often, things too ‘personally’. What my boss had said or done, what people in my team had said or done, what colleagues had said or done. It used to really hurt me or make me mad. I would come back home still filled with negative emotions, pain, anger, mistrust and it used to annoy me to see my husband take things ‘cool’. “Forget about it. Leave it in the office. Don’t take it so personally.” Raaaaaaaaaah! How can I not take it personally? They have done it, said it, to meeeeeeee!! And yet with time, I learnt to embrace that ‘other’ perspective, the male perspective. Because, you see, my way of seeing and feeling things was not the only ‘truth’ out there. There was another way of looking at it, with more detachment should we call it, ‘it’s only business’ attitude. Now, don’t get me wrong, it didn’t mean I didn’t feel and react with my guts and my heart but that other perspective helped me come down quicker, hurt myself less, accept certain things and move on.

Yin and yang…

Two equally important forces in life. One without the other or with too little of the other brings imbalance, disharmony, struggle and pain.

It is an undebatable fact that today our world is dominated by Yang, the male energy, the energy of pure force and cold rationality. Force and rationality are not a ‘bad’ thing but too much of it leads us to where we are now: the certainty that we are separated from each other and as such need to dominate that other who is different. Different gender, race, religion, age, name it.

We are in deep need to reintroduce other dimensions. Force balanced by compassion, tolerance, forgiveness. Rationality balanced by intuition, spirituality, creativity.

This is the new paradigm and, in my humble opinion, it needs to be understood and acted upon fast because things are going out of control, because we have tried our old ways for ever and I am sorry to say… it is not working. At all.

Femininely yours,

The Unicorn

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