Do you ever think about the words you use? To describe yourself? To describe others? Your life? Your job? Your views on the world?

Words hold immense creative power. They can either box you, label you or free you.

It is said that our individual reality manifests itself as follows, ranging from the least powerful manifestation to the most:  thought, oral word, written word and action.

In other ‘words’, you create the reality you are in first through the thoughts you send to the universe, then the spoken words you choose to use, then the words you choose to write, then the actions you will be taking. Accordingly, your reality, your life, the events you draw to you, the people you attract will respond dynamically to the type of words, or views of life you will choose to think, say, write and take.

Knowing this, it is no mystery why in ancient times, when magic was considered ‘real’ and all ‘powerful’, not a figment of the imagination of the feeble mind, as most consider it nowadays, spells would always contain a series of well chosen words, associated with a set of symbolic objects (stones, pictures, incense etc.) and actions (offering, covering, cutting etc.).

Words define the reality you are in, they literally create what you experience.

chunky-dunkI have always been very sensitive, to environments, to people, to situations, to places. I cry ridiculously easily. As such, for the major part of my childhood and young adult life, I was labelled ‘fragile’, ‘vulnerable’. Amazing what those words do to you, your self confidence, your faith in life and trust in others… It took me a long time to actually realise I was none of that. I am super sensitive, yes, but I am actually very strong. The fact that events around me, emotions around me would touch me to my core means, if anything, that I am a human being that fully lives, loves and feels, not a machine, or a zombie, that our world leaves indifferent. If anything, I learnt that my sensitivity is the source of my strength. It allows me to be empathetic, to open up, understand others, feel as one with them. In my humble opinion this is a strength, not a vulnerability.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that loves to box things and people, label them and put them away. Bipolar, ADD, autistic, schizophrenic, depressive, hyper active…

All those words that are used to define people, diagnose people what do they result in? Boxing them away in a hopeless place of ‘abnormal’, ‘not normal’. Do you know how difficult it is to live entrapped in those words? I do. I was diagnosed ‘bipolar’. Do you think that word helped me in any way fighting whatever imbalance or state I was in? That diagnostic came in as a death sentence. You. Are. Bipolar. Not normal. Period. By all means take lots of drugs to be normal again! Preferably for the rest of your life… Nice. That helps!

What does it mean anyway? Apart from the fact, I observe, that it has become some sort of trend. Lots of heroes of TV series or movies now are ‘bipolar’. Youngsters on American idol flash their bipolar identity as some sort of cool thing. “I am bipolar you now’. No, I don’t…It is not either cool or uncool.  It is merely a quick diagnostic that is meant to put you in a box and define what you should take and were you should aim to be… Normal… Mind you with no will to actually try to understand what you are going through, what you are living and why.

Ever thought about that word? Normal? The norm. The average. The median point.

Think of it in terms of simple mathematics: to get an average of 10 you need a point at 20 and one at 0.  So basically, doctors treat you to be a ten when to define that ‘norm’ they actually started with two people, one at 20 and one at 0. Effectively no one is actually at ten but they force you to be that ten… Isn’t that strange?

I tell you what bipolarity means to me. It means that for a long period of my life, I lived through extremes: extremely happy or extremely sad.

When I was on a ‘high’ I actually could channel messages, have visions, feel as one with the universe. By all means that was the coolest thing I had experienced in my life. But no one tried to understand that reality. They just wanted me to be ‘normal’. Granted when I was in a ‘low’ it was horrible. All was dark and with no hope. But you know what? I learnt a lot from these low states. I learnt that I was putting myself in them. Through the words I was defining my life with. Failure, lack, sadness, hopelessness, darkness, fear.

I also learnt that when you ‘are bipolar’, especially when you are in a state of ‘high’, you scare people. Because you are frenetic, you channel messages, visions, views that are contradicting what the majority of people think. And they don’t like that. Going out of these phases, I learnt to adapt my attitude to the greater number. I still have that connection with the universe, I still see things others don’t but I am careful about the way I present that reality to them. I am careful about the words I choose, I formulate my reality with a respect of what their own reality encompasses. They can either join that view or not. All is good… And I haven’t compromised myself.

In all honesty I don’t know what ‘normal’ means. Being like everyone else? Doing what everyone else is doing? Why?

As a society, are we so deliriously happy, in good health and content that every one should follow that example? Are our children so amazingly developed through our education system? Are the adults so content and fulfilled with their day jobs? With their love life or lack thereof? Seriously? Are they? Are you?

If your answer is: yes absolutely!, by all means, continue. But if not, then I would urge you to reconsider the words you label other people with and the words you use to box yourself in. Truth is we are all ‘different’ and this is what makes us ‘the same’. Trying to force ourselves in the clothes of others, in the views of others, in the actions of others to be accepted, or loved or understood only makes us miserable because we are denying our unique essence.

You want words? Try this: be different, be happy, be daring, be strong, be original, be special, be brave, be loving, be tolerant, be awesome.

It is by being different that you will make a difference. And the world needs it. Badly. Start thinking, speaking, writing and acting different and see where that takes you.

Differently yours,

The Unicorn.

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