Would you turn the other cheek?

Or would you hit back as hard as you can? You hurt me, I hurt you. War to wage peace and all that crap… Right… but is it working? Are we all swimming in blissful peace in that society we like to call ‘civilised’? Looking at the state of the world, I am afraid the answer is hell no…

Countless Masters and enlightened beings have come to this Earth to preach Love. They never came here to establish new religions, mind you, they couldn’t care less and were generally the first ones to go against the power of religious institutions. No, they came here to teach us there were other ways than violence. And while a large portion of the population like to consider themselves followers of such Masters, prophets or whatever most have only retained rituals, rules and regulations, and the only important lesson that was Love has gone into oblivion…

Love is a very misunderstood notion. For some strange reason it tends to be mixed up with weakness or passivity whereas it is the single strongest, most powerful state of being you can reach…

‘If they hit you on the cheek, turn the other cheek’ does not mean be a coward and do nothing. It does not mean submit to repression. It just means violence will never solve anything. It will only breed more violence…

BarbwireAnd violence takes many shapes… You might not consider yourself violent if you never raised your hand on anyone and yet did you stop to consider the words you use? The attitude you hold when someone does something you do not like? Or when someone hurts you, willingly or not? Do you then adopt a position of compassion and understanding? Or do you ‘hit back’? With your words? With your judgements? With your criticism? Truthfully…

I have been observing a lot lately people’s reactions to US elections, to French elections. I have observed people fighting for human rights, for feminism, for ecology, name it… Truthfully the only thing I see is a lot of judgement, criticism and sarcastic comments. On anything and everything… “Oh look Trump looks ridiculous with his orange skin and ridiculous hair style. Melania looks miserable. Barron looks autistic. France’s new president, Macron, look at his wife, she is 25 years older, what a shame”… And so on and so forth… Now, don’t get me wrong I don’t think very highly of either presidents… But does it justify all the petty comments on anything and everything, most often than not comments very far away from a healthy debate on ideas?

Does the fact that we do not agree with someone’s ideology or general views give us the right to belittle, humiliate and all in all harbour a despicable behaviour just because they do…? Does it ever occur to you that when we do that we become the very person we hate so much?

Fighting for freedom, for democracy, for women’s rights, for refugees, for the state of our planet is a beautiful thing and I wish more people would engage in such a ‘fight’ but when you are fighting with the same ‘weapons’, ie the extremely polarising and alienating view of ‘us vs them’, I am afraid you have reached nothing. You have merely reiterated the same behaviour but with different ideologies…

Violence takes many shapes and is completely and utterly rooted in the ‘us vs them’ concept. I am right and you are wrong. I know better and you are an idiot.

Hitler did what he did because he was convinced he was building a better world through extermination of minorities. Should we have then let him go on with that plan according to the ‘I turn the other cheek’ wisdom, hell no… But truth is we have not established a new model for our society. We still judge, we still reject, we still alienate and push comes to shove we would still exterminate that other one that we find dangerously different… Bottom line, we have reached nothing.

In my humble opinion it is only when we would have understood that we are all one, that we are all intimately interlinked and that physical separation is merely an illusion. When we would have understood that we are all aiming at the same objective of happiness, albeit with different approaches. When we would have understood that any hurt we cause will always, always come back at us, it is only then that we would have a chance to build a different world.

If you think you have ‘better’ ideas than the institutions in power, whether political, social, environmental or religious, by all means fight for them but fight with dignity, with serenity and with compassion. The people you are fighting against are not ‘your enemy’, they are human beings with maybe a limited view of the world. Be the ‘better’ person, be smart, be creative, be original but drop the violent behaviour. Drop the abuse, drop the hatred, drop the criticism, drop the gossiping, drop the judgement, drop the petty comments.

‘Turning the other cheek’ means being strong, anchored, aligned with what you believe in but without aggression, whether physical or verbal.

‘Turning the other cheek’ means rising above fear which is ultimately the source of all of our problems and operating from a vibration of Love.

It does not mean you let people abuse you, destroy everything you hold dear and love them for it on top of it. But it means understanding where they’re coming from, it means acknowledging that, perhaps with a lesser intensity and with slight different circumstances, you might actually do things that are actually not that far when under fear and despair.

‘Turning the other cheek’ means that in a world that has lost hope for something better because people are insecure either materially or emotionally, because people are afraid of losing the little power they have, because people fear what they don’t know or cannot understand, it means that in that world you have to bring back hope, you have to bring back light.

Shine by your ideas, shine by your behaviour, shine by bringing back beauty, harmony and justice. Shine by bringing back love and erasing fear.

Some days it will work, some others it won’t. You might open up your doors to see the very people you help trying to rob the place. You might dare to reach a hand to be betrayed the minute after. Perhaps… but you would have shown another way… If the people you have shown compassion to betray you… well then… move away, protect yourself but try again with someone else. Don’t close your heart and most importantly don’t hit back, just protect yourself. Understand that it could be you under different circumstances… that person stealing in the streets because they have nothing, that person blowing himself up because your country blew up their village…

Believe that human beings can be different if they are faced with a different attitude. Believe that what you do can make a difference even if it ‘works’ only with one person.

When you do that you don’t only help one person or two or ten, you actually raise the collective energy of the planet. And that is priceless… Think about it.

And in case you think I don’t know what I am talking about, I will tell you, without boring you with my personal sob story, that I have been abused violently, physically and verbally, throughout my childhood. As a young adult I have developed an automatic behaviour of ‘I don’t take any shit from anyone’ when faced with aggression of any kind. Because of my particular history, I will tell you that there are a lot of things that I perceive as violent: when you slam the door, when you raise your voice, when you ignore me and of course when you abuse me through criticism or sarcasm… I know my way with words and my energy becomes very intimidating when I am unhappy, so really I have all the skill set and ‘good reasons’ to become a first class bully (cause, see, people have hurt me a lot so…) and I have been at times, when faced with pressure, fear or aggression, albeit unintentionally… and believe me it is very easy to be carried away with violence of any kind… Well enough of that crap… Every day I consciously choose not to become that person because I don’t like her, because I don’t want violence to define me. Because I know it serves no purpose and most importantly it does not serve me. Never did, never will.

So keep on fighting for what you believe in. But fight with dignity, serenity and compassion.

Fight for a better way, fight for a better you, fight for a better world.

The Unicorn

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