Becoming who you are meant to be – Part 1: listen to your body

It begins with a nagging… an annoyance… something that bothers you…

It begins with a faint voice in your head. A voice you can barely hear among all the other voices that talk much louder… The ones that tell you what you still need to do today, next week, next month. The voices that are stressed out because there is huge pressure at work. The voices that tell you it is never enough, you need more money, more status, more power, more stuff to feel successful. The voices that tell you are not good enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough, not smart enough…

That faint voice is very different from the others. It is softer, like a melody. Not a cacophony of mad instruments. It doesn’t judge you. It merely asks: Who are you? What truly makes you happy? Are you happy? Do you feel fulfilled? Whole?

That soft melody is the voice of your soul. The voice of your true self. Not the self that others have defined for you. Not the self that society tells you you should become. No. It is your very own.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that doesn’t teach us to listen to that inner voice. Because that voice talks to your heart, because it talks to you through your intuitions, your gut feelings, through subtle signs on your path. And we are taught to never trust that. No. We are taught to follow our brain, not our heart. We are taught to follow hard facts, not intuitions. And signs? Well let’s forget those all together shall we?

Do you know what happens when you do not listen to your soul? You get sick. It can start with little things, a headache, a tummy pain, a blocked nerve, an injury but as we continue to refuse to hear the voice of our soul it can become bigger: depression, cancer…

There are plenty of very interesting and well documented books about the connection between illnesses and psychological wounds, emotional wounds, spiritual wounds. One author I would definitely recommend is Lise Bourbeau who has written countless books on the subject: ‘Listen to your body’, ‘Heal your wounds and find your true self’ etc… If you find yourself being sceptical about it, buy one or borrow one and every time you have a little something refer to the book and see what it tells you about how you feel right now, about a particular situation, about people around you, about your reactions to events… It is actually quite astonishing.

Your body is an amazing thing that sends you warnings constantly. It is connected to your higher soul which is all knowing… Try to listen to it.

How do you feel right now? Are you drained? Have you developed some sort of chronical illness? Do you have repetitive colds? Do you keep on injuring yourself? Research it and look inside you. Truthfully. The thing is if you just treat the symptoms with medication, you might feel better for a while but the illness, the injury won’t be totally healed if you don’t address the psychological, emotional or spiritual wound it is connected to.

Listen to your body…

traces-in-the-sandIf you are tired, sleep. It sounds obvious right? And yet we struggle in authorising ourselves to rest. We find it ‘unproductive’. But it is not. Our body resets and recharges as we sleep. You’ve ever been bothered by a problem before going to sleep and finding yourself waking up with the answer? Even if you don’t, resting, relaxing will give you the energy to move forward.

When you are sick, rest and take care of yourself. I cannot count the times where I sent people home when they came to the office half zombied out because they had a nasty cold. It is much more ‘productive’, as this seems to be an important word in our society, to rest for a day or two and deal with your work when you are healthy rather than showing up in the office and struggle the whole day with a task that would probably take you an hour if you were well. On top of it you run the risk of contaminating everyone as you do so really… no… there is no point…

Exercise… Walk, run, take your bike, go to the gym, dance, play sports, do yoga, whatever works for you. Exercising channels negative energies out of you and releases happy hormones. It is particularly important if you feel depressed, low, sad. When I feel myself sliding in one of those stages I force myself to do some sort of exercise every day. The amazing thing with exercise is that whatever you build in your physical body will be reflected in your mind. The strength you build, the flexibility you develop. I used to be far less flexible in my left side than I was with my right. Doing yoga regularly developed my left side and I can literally feel the connection to my right brain develop. The all important right brain that is often under developed in our education. The part of you that connects with creativity, intuition, the divine.

Eat well. Stop contaminating your body with food that leaves you with no energy and makes you feel awful. On this matter I will not recommend anything. All diets are contradicting each other and I find it is really a matter of finding what is good for you as an individual. Also I believe more in lifestyle changes that diets. Diets tend to leave you frustrated… But again, here, you need to listen to your body. And don’t become a food nazi… Please… Food is wonderful, it is one of the great pleasures of life so enjoy it. But one thing it cannot do is erase all your problems.

Before becoming yourself you need to feel good in the body you were given. Understand it. Understand what it likes and what it doesn’t like. Understand your injuries, your illnesses. You cannot find yourself if you are in physical pain.

Be nice to your body. Stop comparing yourself to people that are skinnier, prettier, fitter. It really serves no purpose but to make you feel less worthy. Whatever your physical ‘imperfections’ are learn to embrace them. If they really bother you then do something about it. Slowly, with no unnecessary pressure and deadlines. When you look at yourself in the mirror learn to like what you see. See the improvements. Look at what you have achieved, as small as it is.

Love yourself. You cannot become the greater version of yourself if you do not love yourself now in that instant.

In my next post I will be addressing listening to your intuitions and reading the signs… because the Unicorn did not name herself like this if she didn’t believe in those… right?

Lovingly yours,

The Unicorn

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