Becoming who you are meant to be – Part 2: follow the white rabbit

This is what Neo does in the Matrix which leads him to understand the illusion he is trapped in and become the saviour he was meant to be. This is what Alice does to get to Wonderland and discover an amazing world all the while discovering herself… Following the white rabbit…

In my previous post I was talking about the soft voice of your soul, that faint sound, that little melody that whispers to you.

A voice that has a hard time making itself heard among the cacophonies of noises in our life, the overlapping of voices in our heads that constantly tell us what we have to do, what we we still need to achieve to supposedly be happy. Because at the end of the day we all search for the same thing: happiness.

Our society defines happiness through money, status and power…oh and good looks… And yet have you ever observed people that have that? Did you notice that happiness usually evades them? They have stuff, they are ‘someone’ for whatever that means… however happy is a very different thing…

This year I have chosen to get out of the corporate world, get out of the money, status and power game, get out of the race which, in all honesty, wasn’t taking me anywhere. I slowed down, I looked at myself, what was good in me and what I wanted to improve. I took care of my body, I learnt to channel the confusion in my mind and by doing that I started hearing the voice of my soul.

That voice has a particular language. It speaks through emotions, intuitions, symbols, dreams.

That language, as a society, we have collectively decided to stop learning it a long time ago when we established that the only master we would follow would be our brain and all the hard facts that go with it. And yet that very same brain has two parts to it: the left side of rationality and the right side of intuition and creativity. That right side is intimately connected to our heart and God knows it is underdeveloped. In our world, the heart is a place of weakness and pain while the brain, or at least its left side, is considered a place of strength, security, control.

Do you know why it is so difficult to follow our hearts? Because when we do there is no certainty, no security, no definite conclusion that goes: ‘yep that is it with no doubt’.

door2The language of the heart, the melody of the soul, the voice of intuition is subtle and it comes with a catch 22. It is only by trusting it and daring to go there that slowly we start having that feeling of certainty that we crave. And we don’t like that, we like going to a place knowing what will be waiting for us, not discovering as we go…

The greatest enemy of the heart, the arch nemesis of intuition is all of our constructed fears. I have written about it (see post on Fear ) and chances are I will write over and over again about it because it is the one thing we have to get rid of if we want to truly become ourselves, the greatest version of ourselves, the one that is powerful, beautiful and… happy.

I started this topic by suggesting to listen to our bodies (see Part 1: Listen to your body ). Particularly their discomfort, their illnesses and injuries… because that is basically the first signs of where we do not want to be. I will continue by suggesting to listen to our hearts, our feelings, our emotions.

What is the situation that makes your heart race? What is the occupation, the hobby that makes you feel content, strong, creative? Which people, what environment bring out the best in you? The you you are proud of, the you you actually like?

Do you remember what you wanted to be as a child? Before people told you who you should be?

I don’t mean by that that we should all become astronauts, cowboys or princesses. But when we look at what made us happy as children we usually have hints as to what would make us happy as adults.

As a child I wanted to be a fairy. Personally I found princesses lame, particularly in the way they were described in the fairy tales of my childhood… Poor little things waiting to be saved, get married and have lots of children. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that this is not a noble objective, I am merely saying that there might be other objectives… Luckily modern takes on fairy tales bring more interesting role models particularly for girls. I wanted to be a fairy because I loved the idea of changing people’s lives. Turning ugliness into beauty, bringing hope where there is none, healing wounds, turning people into heroes (or toads depending…), helping people be happy. Somehow today I find it is exactly who I want to be… The archetype of the fairy. The one that understands and metamorphoses.

My personal white rabbit has taken me in the past 18 years on a rollercoaster of emotions and revelations. It showed me places that not a lot of people can see. It uncovered the illusion we live in. It showed me that there is not only the physical world, the one we can see and touch. There is a far greater one that is invisible and somehow all knowing. We should all be very familiar with it because we actually come from it, from that hyper conscious awareness. Our souls are still connected to it and as such we actually know what to do and where to be to find our true selves.

But to connect to that all knowing consciousness we need to slow down, calm our minds, calm our fears, trust ourselves and truly see. See who we are, see the illusion we are stuck in, see what part we could play in that world that is dangerously going down.

Following the white rabbit is a call. It is a call that has an underlying assumption: we are more than that, we have a purpose in this life, we can change things, we can change the world.

And by embracing that assumption that call leads us to a certainty: we can be happy, truly fulfilled, whole.

If you want to know more about reading signs, listening to that incredible invisible world that actually talks to us constantly, then stay tuned to Part 3….

The Unicorn

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