Becoming who you are meant to be – Part 3: learn to read the signs on your path

Signs, symbols, dreams, messages from the invisible world… Now to be able to read them you must first acknowledge there is another world out there that is as real as our physical realm. Or at least leave the door open to the possibility of its existence.

As a child the existence of this other world was a certainty for me. I can’t explain how really but it seems I was born with that weird ‘knowledge’. I remember when the first Star Wars was released (the first one that is actually episode 4 yes I know it is all very confusing…) I watched it with an intense attention, an attention far too intense for a child my age… It was like the story that was told was somehow familiar to me: the Force, Jedis, the never ending battles of Good vs Evil… It all made sense, it was all very real to me.

Decades later, as I was going through a lot of turmoil in my life, this world took me by storm as I started channelling visions and understanding of a higher reality. The way it happened was totally overwhelming for a young adult who was raised in rationality. What I was seeing and feeling was impossible to transcribe in words. I couldn’t control it, it was most definitely controlling me and I lost repeatedly what I had built in ‘real life’: work, marriage, friends, sanity. I read once a very interesting article on the shaman of a tribe in Africa (or was it Latin America?) who visited psychiatric hospitals in the US and was appalled by the way the ‘mentally ill’ were treated. For him, if those people were born in his tribe, they would have been accompanied spiritually to learn to channel those visions and other ‘realities’, as to him those were merely signs of people ‘coming out’, coming out to the reality of the spiritual world…

From that moment on, slowly but surely, I taught myself to channel that world without being overwhelmed by it and here is what I learnt…

We are all part of a super powerful, ultra conscious, supra creative dynamic energy. Some may call it the Force, others God… In that energy there is no time.  And that energy dynamically responds to what we think, say and do.

Within that energy past, present and future all merge into one essence of Being, linear time being a human construct. That energy ‘knows’ who we were, who we are and what we might become. I’m saying ‘might’ because we have free will and all possibilities coexist in our future until we start to take steps towards a given direction… ‘Always in motion is the future’ as per the wise words of Master Yoda.

It ‘knows’ what we have chosen for ourselves before our incarnation because you see this is an important thing to understand. We chose this life. All of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. And we did so to grow spiritually.

To the people who ask ‘Why does God let things like this happen?’, the answer is: God does not want anything, He/She/It doesn’t punish or reward. Want, punish and reward are yet another human constructs. We are part of It and It is part of us and as such all of our decisions are equal to Him/Her/It. However Him/Her/It knows what we have set for ourselves when we were part of Its great consciousness, before we were incarnated, and as such Him/Her/It is constantly ‘talking’ to us to remind us of those choices.

That ‘talking’ takes many forms and the more we listen to it the more it ‘talks’ back.

Synchronicities… Or meaningful coincidences… It is that person you meet that gives you an answer to a question you were asking yourself. It could be a stranger, it could be your best friend. It is that signboard you had never seen before that suddenly ‘jumps out’ to you and provides you with a solution. It is seeing butterflies flying around you in a moment of despair. It is seeing unicorns everywhere when you have decided to start a blog called… Riding the Unicorn…

Books, movies, songs… I cannot count the times where I switch on the radio and the song there talks of something I am thinking about. Listen carefully to the words, they might lead you somewhere. I personally wake up every morning with a song in my head. Not necessarily something I have heard the day before, it could be quite random, but, most often than not, it is saying something to me. When I am in a library, I let books ‘come to me’. I buy them and read them when I feel like it. A day later, sometimes years later. What is inside usually helps me out when I need it. Movies and TV series are some of my favourites way to listen to the invisible world. Granted I usually favour themes of super heroes, magic and fantasy but there is always a teaching in there for me.

22Numbers… On a clock, on a road sign, on your car dashboard… There are a lot of sites that exist that can tell you about the meaning of a 11:11 or 333 etc. Don’t ask me why but numbers seem to be a universal language of the Powers that Be. As such, understanding numerology, the particular influence of a year on you is critical in that path to awareness. It will tell you if that year you are in is favourable to starting up new things or rather be patient and consolidate. It will tell you if it will be easy or a bit tough. And surfing on the wave is much easier when you understand the wave and the undercurrent that is carrying you.

Astrology… Now I am not talking silly weekly horoscope in Hello magazine, no disrespect to Hello magazine… I am talking the astrology of your year or month written by seasoned astrologists. Tanaaz (from Forever Conscious), Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone (from Wake up world), Joseph Polanski, Theo Friand (for French readers), Cassidy Cayne (for the ones on the twin flame journey),  are some of my personal favourites. Here, like with numerology, it will help you understand the particular influences you are under at a given moment in time. It will not tell you what to do (or that you will fall in the stairs today!) but it will shed light on moments that are beneficial and others that are less so. Things you might encounter and why. Birth charts, karmic birth charts can also take you a long way in understanding who you are and what might be in store for you…

Dreams… Those ones are tricky because they are highly symbolic. I find it easier to write them down and come back to them regularly. Most often than not there are a window into your future, because, remember, in the invisible realm past, present and future all merge into one existence. It doesn’t matter if you remember them clearly or not or if they have lots of details or not. I am usually left with impressions and only few lines to write about particular characters, what I was doing and the feelings I had: fear, love, freedom…

Tarot cards… They are tricky too especially if you are drawing them for yourself as you are obviously partial to the reality you want to see manifesting. Here as well I like to write them down and come back to them regularly. They usually make more sense afterwards. There are some good tarot cards you can find on apps which makes the whole process quite practical. Choose imagery and symbols that talk to you (elements, angels, fairies, characters of the Tarot of Marseilles it doesn’t matter). Here I can hear the voice of my – very pragmatic – husband saying: ‘So God has the internet and has access to apps?’ The thing here is to think of that simple assumption: if you believe that God, angels, guides are constantly trying to communicate with you, then you can rest assured they can use any means to make that possible. When you draw cards, always relax, take your time and think of your topic of concern. Cards are also symbolic so it will never be a straight forward answer (it would be too easy right?) but if you listen to your heart and come back to it later you will know what it means.

Know something though: the Powers that Be tell you what they want to so the answers you might be getting could be on a different topic than the one you were asking about. Yep, they are funny like that…

One thing is for sure. If you start listening, interacting, they will start talking. The more you practice, the clearer it will become. The more you believe, the more they become part of your everyday reality…

And trust me on that: it makes life incredibly magical.

Let me know how that works for you will you?

The Unicorn


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