What goes up needs to come down…

And I don’t mean by any way that if you are happy right now you should get ready for the storm to come… Not at all… What I mean is energy naturally fluctuates. You can’t always be in an initiating, creative ‘up’ phase. You need to consolidate as well… Both ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ moments are important for your own development…

I’ve had an amazing 2016… WWavehile everybody around me wanted to see the end of 2016 to start on a new foot, I didn’t want the energy of 2016 to wane down. I was in a numerological year 3, a year where energies are bubbling, creative, uplifting. A year where it is great to start new projects and where, all in all, things tend to go your way quite easily… I knew that starting a numerological year 4 I had to get ready for a year of delays and somehow frustrations. A year where you feel that you take a step forward and two backwards. A year of consolidation where hard work would only lead to modest results… I knew it, it was happening and really… I didn’t want that… I wanted to stay ‘up’, starting new things, being excited and full of creativity.

So I struggled for the first few months of the year. Trying to swim against the current. Being frustrated, angry at times, sad at times, because things were not ‘going my way’ or were ‘not fast enough’… And then it hit me… What goes up needs to come down…

You only fully integrate life lessons in a ‘down’ period, not a sad and depressing period, but a phase where things are slower, a bit more challenging perhaps… This is why life goes in cycles and it is important to fully grasp that concept.

So instead of trying to swim against the current I started accepting that current that would take me backwards or side ways… Not as a punishment or some sort of cruel ‘accrued fees’ for the happy times I just lived but as a way to fully grow.

Because when things are slower you start noticing them more. You pay more attention to yourself. How you react, what you truly want, the people around you…

I was dreading this year as a period that would be boring, frustrating and painful but now I am trying to embrace it without judgement. It will be painful only if I see it this way, if I resist it. The message is simply: Don’t run, walk. You will have opportunities to run, climb and jump again but now it is important to go inwards, rest, think, get things organised.

Numerology, like astrology, are truly fascinating subjects. As much as I can explain why planets can have influences on us, I just cannot explain why numbers do as well. The moon affects tides, it’s a known scientific fact, so the notion of the moon affecting us, being made of 70% of water is not such a stretch… Similarly, I find it is easy to understand why planets as a whole might affect us. What happens in a macro way is very similar to what happens in a micro way. If you are around people that strain you, upset you, you will feel the effect down in your cells, you might get sick or at least unwell… at a cellular level… Now, if you extend this concept to planets, you will understand why certain position in the stars might affect you as a human being… right? You just replace people’s effect on microscopic cells to planets effects on your microscopic self…

On that subject, know that whether you are in an ‘up’ numerological year or in a ‘down’ one like me, the first part of 2017 is heavy with many planets going retrograde: Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter… All influences that draw us inwards to the way we deal with love, money, self worth, sense of responsibility, transformation etc.

But why would the universe talk in the language of mathematics is not something I can explain and yet I have observed it over and over empirically…. Cue in numerology and the influence of the year you are in.

But it is not only numerology. You have probably seen articles that tell you about repetitive numbers and their meanings… 11:11, 3:33, 5:55 and so on and so forth. I find myself very often noticing repetitive numbers like these and I must admit they are always a reflection of a phase I am in, an advice I might need… But I digress…

What goes up has to come down… and that is ok… The thing is, incarnated in the incredible high density of our planet and stuck in an extremely polarised view of the world we tend to associate ‘up’ with ‘good’ and ‘down’ with ‘bad’.

And yet is summer ‘better’ than winter? It is not. It is a natural progression of nature and the cycles of life… And winter will always, always lead to spring…

So if you are in a ‘down’ period, for any reason, in any aspect of your life, my advice to you is: don’t struggle, don’t try to swim against the current. You wouldn’t try to grow seeds in winter now would you? Or to swim naked in the frozen lake? You would rest, you would get comfortable and get yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate while binge watching Netflix or read a nice book or indulge in fun winter activities like skiing… Well it is the same in any aspect of your life.

When you are in a ‘down’ period don’t judge it and get miserable because you can’t smell the flowers and you miss the blue sky but fully embrace the autumn or winter you are in. It is not ‘bad’ or ‘boring’ it is just different and it is here for a reason. So that you can rise up again fully regenerated.

If you don’t, unfortunately you also won’t fully enjoy the ‘up’ phase. You won’t have detoxified yourself of negative feelings, you won’t have addressed old wounds that need healing. You would carry them into your ‘up’ phase hereby hindering the full impact of the tide that would be otherwise lifting you up very high.

It might be slower, it might be deeper, it might be harder but if you embrace it and go inwards, do the work, I can assure you you will prepare yourself for a hell of a summer.

The Unicorn

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