Are you strong enough to surrender?

Does it seem to you that those are contradicting notions? Strength and surrender? Do you feel surrendering is a passive, weak state of being where you let yourself be pushed and pulled by events and people? And yet I would challenge this view by telling you it is the strongest, most powerful and creative attitude you can possibly hold.

While letting go is intimately linked to the notion of detachment towards results, surrendering includes the all important concept of abandonment.

surrenderBut what are you abandoning? Your dreams? Your hopes? Certainly not… What you are abandoning is your old self, that part of you that has been conditioned over and over, the views of life that have been engrained in you without you really willing it and that no longer serve you. You abandon your old clothes, that armour you built around you to protect you from life and from others. You abandon your darkness to rise towards the light… With no fear, in full trust and with no expectations.

Surrendering is the conscious, active and oh so peaceful act of abandoning yourself to life in full faith because you know that by doing that you will rise, like the phoenix, to a new version of you.

The reason why I associate this state of being with strength is because to do that you need to have dived in the depths of your own darkness… and emerged on the other side…

As Luke Skywalker entering the cave while Master Yoda predicts ‘Oh… but afraid you will be’, you need to have met and fully embraced that other part of you. The one you reject with everything you have as being some sort of fluke that emerges when times are tough and people are hurting you. The one that gets sad, insecure, mad, angry, vindictive, destructive. The one you see in others and battle every time you can… without realising it is not in others… it is in you…

To fully surrender you need to know and acknowledge the dark side of you. Not as something you reject and need to annihilate but as something you are strong enough to channel.

Wisdom states ‘What you resist persists’… So don’t… When you feel that familiar wave of sadness, insecurity or anger, let it rise, acknowledge it, understand why it is here, what wounds it is triggering in you, understand what it is telling you about the situation you are in… And release it…

Surrendering does not mean you let events and people push and pull you in different directions. Surrendering means you know who you are, you know what you believe in and actually there are no events or people that can take you in a direction you do not wish to go to.

Surrendering means you are anchored, aligned with your higher self and there is nothing and no one that can de-anchor you or un-align you because you understand that no one can hurt you and nothing can control you.

To fully surrender you need to love yourself, unconditionally, every bit of it. The parts you are proud of and the parts you are not so proud of. It is all you and you love it all.

Don’t get me wrong, it does not mean becoming an arrogant asshole who thinks he or she is God given gift to this world… It means accepting the light and the darkness in you with full humility and realise that darkness is just light that hasn’t fully shone…

Darkness is just light in training…

With the act of surrendering comes the unshakable faith in the benevolence of the universe.

See the universe cannot scare you if you already dived into yourself and realised there is nothing to be scared of. The universe cannot hurt you if there is nothing that can cause you pain anymore. What people say about you. If they love you or hate you. If they want to be with you or not. If they give or withhold. If you have something and lose it the next day…

Surrendering is the strongest, most powerful but also most creative attitude you can hold.

Because when you are aligned with yourself, when there is nothing you are ashamed of, when you do not fear others and what they can do to you, in that instant the energy you radiate is so strong and unaltered that you have the ability to manifest everything that your heart desires…

I am saying your heart and not your mind because at that stage what you desire is pure, flowing. It is not manipulative. It is not influenced by what you learnt to wish for: money, status, success. It is not a reaction to events and people.

What you desire in that instant is to fully be you. Your free self. The biggest version of you.

Truth is you’re not sure what that means… You don’t know where it will be taking you. It is exhilarating and a bit unsettling too. All your life you have strived towards specific milestones: studies, jobs, marriage, children. Check. Check. It was reassuring, it kept your drive geared towards a clear direction…

In the instant where you surrender there is no given direction, no specific milestones that you need to achieve anymore. There is you and a world of possibilities… There is no success or failure. There is just a state of being that will lead you to certain actions… Which ones? It is unclear. You have a feeling about them. You sense them when you are fully at peace. You dream about them or you remember what you used to dream about…

Surrendering is an unpaved road that very few of us dare to travel… It is rooted in the unknown and it requires all your strength, all your courage, all your capabilities to be fully awakened and an indescribable faith that all that will be will be…

The Unicorn

4 thoughts on “Are you strong enough to surrender?

  1. Cela me fait penser à un récent événement où je me suis laissée submerger par une immense colère. C’est très éclairant de lire ce post pour mieux comprendre ce qui s’est alors produit en moi. Merci Licorne!

    Liked by 1 person

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