Twin souls: trend, myth or reality?

Much has been written on the concept of twin souls, also known as twin flames. People have erected themselves as ‘twin champions’, ‘teachers of the twin collective’ (yes there is a collective) and a lot of coaching, tarot reading, astrological forecast and other reunion packages have multiplied, some good and coming from the heart, others less so. It seems clear, to the least, that we are in front of a strong trend that has taken the spiritual world by storm. But is there more to that?

For the novices like me a year ago, allow me a definition and some introductions to the concept. Twin souls, or twin flames, are said to be the same soul incarnated in two bodies, one with a strong male polarity (embodying the divine masculine) and one with a strong female polarity (embodying the divine feminine), regardless of their actual gender, a man can hold the female polarity and vice versa, as much as two persons of the same sex can be twin flames.

These two people hold the same energetic signature, their souls vibrate at the exact same frequency, because they were the same soul back in the dawn of times.


It is unclear if everyone has a twin soul, some say you have to have reached a certain level of enlightenment as a soul to then be split into two… but what is clear is that meeting your twin in the physical realm is a rare occurrence that seems to be happening exponentially though in recent years due to the energetic transition the planet is experiencing, an influx of light meant to shift our reality from the dense and materialistic 3D to 5D, the realm of enlightenment and spiritual awareness.

Twin souls, meet, in the physical realm, to bring new codes of love to our society, to fully and consistently embody unconditional love, both between the pair and to the world at large. They act as a gateway of light, a bridge between this dimension and the spiritual one.

Pretty cool wouldn’t you say? So why can’t we all meet our twin soul? Surely that must be the best ‘coupling’ on Earth… Hollywood style… love at first sight…birds and angels singing… they all lived happily ever after… right? Well, not so fast…

Meeting your twin is the most magical, intense, surreal experience but also the toughest one you will ever get to know and as such not everyone is equipped to live that in this lifetime, let me explain…

This other person is you, at a soul level, but at a human level, he or she is your opposite, your mirror reflection.

As they incarnate, repeatedly and separately, with a dominant yin or yang, twin souls develop, through their personal stories, challenges and successes opposite traits and behaviours… Not on everything, as they would actually share similar skill sets, key values and appeal to certain activities but let’s say on some critical points… The female polarity will usually have an intense spiritual connection, while the male polarity will be strongly anchored in ‘reality’. The female polarity will tend to be emotionally driven, expansive, often mystical while the male polarity will be emotionally controlled, restrained, profoundly pragmatic… Are you starting to see the issues profiling?

On top of opposite traits and behaviours, twin souls are always, always, incarnated within a socially difficult scenario: cultural or religious gap, geographical separation, substantial age difference, same sex etc. A Romeo and Juliet love story if you will and we all know how that one ended…

The meeting of twin souls ignites an intense pull towards each other but also a tremendous push away from each other, as they trigger within each other their greatest fears and insecurities. They push the other one’s worst buttons, reopen their deepest wounds… Not willingly might I add, this phase known as ‘runner-chaser’, is fully orchestrated by their higher selves and is there for each of them to heal themselves before they can be put again in the physical presence of each other and sustain the incredible energy that flows between them… their own energy squared (and more)…

But you will tell me, opposites attract… You are never with someone who is ‘like you’ but rather complementary, and this is what makes the best couples… So why would the twin experience be so painful?

True… But here the opposition is magnified a thousand fold namely because you are baffled by the extraordinary sense of belonging you feel all the while facing reactions that are totally alien to you… Imagine wanting with every fibre of your being to be with someone and yet, every time you connect, physically or remotely, you hurt and are hurt like never before…

While soul mates are here to support you on your spiritual journey, twin souls are here to challenge you, relentlessly, until all that is left is light…

In that context, it seems obvious then that:

1) You can only meet your twin when you vibrate at a certain frequency that enables you to go through the painful and intense emotional rollercoaster that such an encounter will trigger

2) You can only reunite with your twin when you have risen above your karma and healed your spiritual wounds of abandonment, rejection, humiliation or betrayal

Imagine how often that double condition happens… You understand now why not all will meet or will want to meet their twin soul in this lifetime. You also understand why some twins spend years if not decades or even a couple of life times before reuniting.

As much as twin souls are two pieces of the same coin, they can only reunite when they feel complete within themselves before they can reach completion with each other.

I read at some point a beautiful channelling that stated that when most people need to balance the yin and yang within themselves, twin souls have to balance it within the pair because one is predominantly female and one predominantly male (in terms of energy).

Now, I hear you ask, how is a reunion even possible if one, known as the ‘awakened twin’, is highly spiritual, while the other, known as the ‘sleeper twin’, is stuck in density?

Regardless of the stage they are in, both twins are always, always linked to each other in the higher realms. They communicate with each other telepathically, though dreams, intuitions and emotions. Whatever one learns, the other receives as an ‘automatic download’ because they are the same soul. As much as the ‘sleeper twin’ is… well… sleeping he or she has all the dormant (pardon the pun) spiritual capabilities of the other. However anchored in reality, he or she has an innate sense of the divine, whether they acknowledge it or not, that comes from their twin connection.  Similarly, the ‘awakened’ twin has all the dormant ‘real life skills’ of his or her twin.

The terminology ‘awakened’ and ‘sleeping’ is also a misleading one as both twins are, by definition, equal.

Actually, it is because one of the twins is firmly anchored on this earth that the other one can explore higher realms without losing his or her mind. The principle of balance makes that kind of dynamic inevitable. Additionally, all the spiritual and emotional journey is done equally on both sides. There is just one that is conscious of the process and the other one less so. That also means that the pain is equal on both sides but not lived for the same reasons… One is deeply hurt by the other’s consistent and sometimes violent rejection of such a beautiful connection but is assisted every step of the way by its natural connection to higher realms while the other’s pain comes from confronting his or her inner demons without understanding what the hell is going on.

Because you see there is something else…

You cannot share your understanding of the connection with the other. You cannot shield the other. You cannot convince the other, trick, cheat, manipulate, seduce your way to reunion.

The twins’ higher selves will always find a way to make it impossible. Each of them needs to reach the truth and their inner peace on their own and on their own terms, making this relationship the biggest expression of free will you will ever find.

Interestingly, in all the research I have conducted on the phenomenon of twin souls the majority of articles revolve around the runner chaser dynamic and the dark night of separation. However very few articles talk about what a ‘reunion’ with your twin actually means, presumably because not a lot of twin souls actually reached that stage. I see a lot of people projecting with marriage and children models and that seems very strange to me.

If twins are here to embody a form of love that is unknown to our society how can it be in a form that is ‘socially appropriate’? Unconditional love is by essence freedom isn’t it?

Now, if we accept the idea that twin souls who succeeded to be in the physical presence of each other in harmony generate an energy that is higher than both their individual energies combined and as such have the ability to lift off people around them. If we assume as possible that the mere physical presence of the other, even in the early stages of the relationship, enables a download of higher codes and triggers dormant capabilities, often of psychic nature, we understand why twins would work relentlessly, consciously or unconsciously, towards ‘reunion’, also known as alchemical union. However, I believe this reunion does not necessarily mean being ‘a couple’ in the conventional way but rather having a deep, authentic and fully conscious awareness of the other, feeding off the connection for the greater good, in whatever free form shape that takes.

Because twin souls have a spiritual purpose as a pair but also one as individuals that is not necessarily linked to the other.

To come back to my initial question, there is definitely a trend with twin souls that a lot of people are riding on and benefiting commercially from but in my humble opinion it is definitely a reality and not a myth…

Think about it, if you are able to acknowledge that someone could be you and yet opposite to you, if you are able to love them unconditionally whatever they think or do, meaning whether you are ‘reunited’ or not, surely this is when you will bring new templates of love to this world that so desperately needs it… don’t you think?

And if it is a myth, well I think it is a beautiful one, which lessons in unconditional love can be extended to every being on this planet, twin or just soul… And that will be the topic of my next post.

The Unicorn






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