Twin souls lessons… for all…

In my previous post I addressed the enigmatic notion of twin souls. Who they are, why they are here. Whether you subscribe to their existence or not is irrelevant, you are free to believe what you want. However, I believe that the lessons that are gained throughout the journey of twin souls can be beneficial to all and here is my take on it.

You cannot unite with your twin until you fully unite with yourself

We live in a society that thrives on making us want things that are outside of us. We define happiness as something we can have once we gain… (fill in the blanks)… status… money… success… marriage… children… a house… ten houses… well you got the idea…

Our religions are all anchored in our acceptance of being sinners… even more so if you are a woman because… let’s face it… you’re just unworthy… full stop. Because we are convinced we are sinners, imperfect beings made to suffer for our sins, we are led to believe we need solutions that we cannot possibly achieve on our own. Cue in religious leaders, religious figures, saints, prophets and messiahs. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against those figures if they are here to inspire us to reach our own divinity. I start having a problem when they imply that we need them to reach God.

Twin flamesAnyway… The beauty in the tale of twin souls is the following: you cannot unite with that other half of you until you realise it is actually part of you. Until you realise that separation is an illusion. That you don’t need love from someone else, you need to feel it within yourself, free flowing, never diminishing, never lacking, always there and always has been.

We search, all our lives, for someone who will fill the holes we have in our hearts, for someone to ease the pain of living, for someone to protect us, nurture us, heal us. The problem is that someone can do that… but only temporarily.

There are no solutions outside of us, we hold all the keys. Some people can inspire us, teach us, show us the way, but only we can walk the path.

To reach union with anything we want, we first need to find unity and completion within.

Unconditional love starts with ourselves

There is no way, none, that we can love someone else if we don’t love ourselves first… fully… Light, dark and all the shades in between… yes that would make grey but let me not go there…

I used to gag at this idea finding it soooo new age hippy. How can I love myself unconditionally? I am (fill in the blanks) not fit enough, not smart enough, not courageous enough, not knowledgeable enough, not young enough, not peaceful enough, not… what was it again?

But you see that is the problem. There is no way on earth we can accept something from someone else if we don’t accept it within ourselves first. We were never meant to be ‘perfect’, we are human beings with our own stories. We suffer, we doubt, we are angry, we are sad, we want stuff, we are afraid. And that is ok.

We are human beings not machines. We are entitled to a whole range of emotions but the trick is not to act from them but from a place of love.

Yeah… right… So I’m supposed to love that idiot who just blew himself up at a concert filled with young people??

Love is understanding, love is compassion. I’m not telling you to accept what he did and start singing Kumbaya I’m telling you to try to understand why he did it. Because he was full of hatred, because he thought that would solve his problem somehow, because he had no hope, because he thought that was the only ‘right’ choice. I want you to realise that, should you have been born like him, with the exact same set of conditions and limitations you might have done the same.

To love others and ourselves unconditionally we need to understand one truth: there is no such thing as perfection and there is no right or wrong. There are choices that are beneficial to humanity and there are choices that are not.

Staying stuck in a never ending cycle of hatred obviously does not help humanity. We have seen the result of it for thousands of years… I have read something beautiful recently: it’s called Ubuntu and it is practiced in some tribes in Africa. When someone does something ‘wrong’, all the tribe gathers for days and everyone starts talking about the good that this person has done.

The core belief being that, to change behaviours, unity and affirmation have more power than shame and punishment.

And that cannot happen if we don’t apply it to ourselves first. Accept our ‘imperfections’, forgive ourselves for the hurt we do along the way and try again from a place of love.

Divine timing is not a moment set in time but a moment where energies align, whenever that is

In the journey of twin souls, it is said that souls reunite on ‘divine timing’. Meaning that anything you learnt how to do throughout your life: negotiating, bullying, seducing, tricking, cheating, pleading will never work to reach union.

Now, it doesn’t mean either that you just sit there and let the Powers that Be give you what you want so much whenever they decide it, ‘when the planets align’. Divine timing is a question of energy rising and alignment with the other.

Divine timing is another way of talking of the law of attraction. You attract the energy you send out to the world.

You want love, be love. Love your family, love your friends, love nature… Be in love with life itself.

You want material comfort, feel that you don’t need anything, that you always have enough.

You want success, act from a place of success.

Yep, another new age hippy idea and yet… it is so true… You’ve never been baffled by someone who quit their job with nothing in the pipeline who would just smile at you and say ‘something will come up’… Unnerving isn’t it? Because something actually always comes up for them!

The super annoying assumption in the law of attraction is: if you send out a message to the universe of “I want something’, it will answer back ‘oh right, you want something you do not have’ and keep on reflecting to you the energy of lack.

You need to change your vocabulary. You need to change the state of mind you are in.

It is not easy, I’ll tell you. It needs a lot of work on yourself and reaching harmony regardless of what you have or don’t have. But know something: you cannot cheat the universe. You cannot ‘pretend’ you are happy so that it would send you more happiness. You need to find happiness with what you have. You also need to ditch the way happiness looks like: money, status, success, the house etc.

Happiness is a feeling not a KPI (Key Performance Indicator… for the ones not in the know).

Destiny is not antonymous with free will

What you have chosen for your life, before you incarnated, your spiritual purpose on earth, is ‘written’ but only you can choose it, every step of the way, consciously.

Yes, the Powers that Be, who know what that purpose is, will send you influences, encounters, signs. As beautifully put in the Alchemist, ‘the whole universe will conspire for you to find your treasure, your personal legend’.

Yes, the planets might align or be in stressful alignment with you to push you or pull you in certain directions but at the end of the day only you can choose to walk that pre-destined path.

In the tale of twin souls, the higher selves of both counterparts actually impede the one ‘who knows’ to interfere with the other who is still ‘sleeping’. They scramble communication, they introduce busy-ness so that this path is done on each ones’ terms, if they both choose it.

But if you believe that what will be will be. If you love your twin unconditionally and believe in the connection you hold at a soul level. If you believe in him or her to ‘have what it takes’, however long that takes, because you don’t need him or her to reach happiness. If you believe that fairy tales do exist and miracles happen every day… then you understand that free will should lead you exactly where destiny placed you to be.

When things follow a natural flow, when they are not forced or manipulated, they lead you exactly to where you were ‘supposed’ to be.

We are all one

With twin souls comes the idea that the same soul, incarnated in two bodies with opposite polarities, going through their own personal stories, develop opposite behaviours and characteristics.

In essence, that person is you and yet opposite to you.

Baffling isn’t it? So your soul, born under different circumstances can produce behaviours that are totally alien to you in your current incarnation. It can do things you would never do in a million years, because it is not how you are wired right here, right now… and yet it is you… at a soul level.

I will come back to this dude who blew himself up. This dude is you when you have not received all the education, love and comfort that you grew up with. This dude is in you every time you judge, criticise, fight and reject someone else. You might not have killed the person you have had an argument with but you emitted negative energies. It might be smaller but it is the same idea.

We are all interconnected. We are all part of the soul of the universe. We are just particles of that soul that evolves, interacts with others following our own pre-conditioning, our own belief system.

The physical separation is an illusion. Is your brain separated from your heart? It has its own function, it is different in its characteristics and yet it is part of the same being… you… One without the other will lead your body to stop functioning. Every cell in your body is distinct and yet interconnected. Why is it so difficult to understand that we are the same at the scale of our planet?

At the end of the day, if twin souls are just a tale, told by Plato thousands of years ago, a tale where the myth of Isis and Osiris originated from, it is still an incredibly powerful one that holds the key to our ascension as a species… It is a tale of unconditional love that elevates you so high that you can align with your greater purpose and start living a meaningful life.

And for that, you actually don’t even need a twin soul… Think about it.

The Unicorn



One thought on “Twin souls lessons… for all…

  1. I absolutely loved this post! Chercher sa moitié mais réalisée qu’elle est en soi… l’ Ubuntu africain… le lien avec la mythologie égyptienne et Platon… Brillant! Tu aurais même pu ajouter hannah Arendt au vu de ton analyse du terrorisme. Bravo Licorne !

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