Going on a soul searching journey…

I haven’t posted in a while and it is not because I haven’t been ‘riding the unicorn’… I have… but differently… I have been busy developing the ‘Soul Searching Journey’, a process I have devised based on both my business background and my spiritual connection.

IMG_0242_1024When I started this blog I didn’t know where I was going but there were things I felt I needed to share… I thought to myself: ‘If it can help one person then it would be worth it’. And it has. At times I got caught in the benchmark of ‘success’ that society puts on us: how many likes, how many views… and then I remembered what I always believed in:

It is not a matter of how many you reach but whom you reach.

Some people choose to stay asleep, to function as society tells them to and it is ok. We each have our path and most importantly we all have free will. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but there are lives that can lead us to happiness, profound happiness, and others that don’t. Whatever life we choose is our very own and nobody is there to judge us… not even ‘God’ / ‘Spirit’/ ‘the one great energy’ / ‘the Chi’ / the ‘Force’ or however you want to call ‘It’/’He’/’She’.

We like to think of ‘God’ in human terms, as ‘someone’ who judges, punishes and rewards. But this is a human perspective, not a divine perspective. For ‘God’, all is what it should be and as difficult as it sounds ‘God’ loves each of us equally: the ‘righteous’ and the ‘wicked’. ‘God’ doesn’t judge and alienate, humans do. ‘God’ simply is. It is all, it is each, it is the alpha and the omega. There is nothing that exists outside of ‘God’ and as such the ‘Devil’ that our churches love to hold in front of us like a frightening scarecrow doesn’t truly exist. It is just an expression of ‘God’ in the matter, a dual reflection. It ceases to exist the minute we realise we are all (and I say all) divine beings.

Our true nature is pure energy, our true nature is pure light and the moment light shines darkness disappears.

I was asked recently by someone very dear to me if the ‘Soul searching journey’ was dedicated to the masses or was ‘niche’. As much as my ego would like my messages to reach a higher number, I know certain things are meant, for now, to remain niche. The ‘Soul searching journey’ is meant for people who desire awakening… but don’t know how…

People who are caught in the system but have that indescribable feeling that there might be more to life than work, play, sleep, repeat. People who want to meet themselves, their true selves and find their spiritual purpose.

Because awakening is such a big, scary word… We imagine ‘super’ beings, messiahs, prophets, gurus, shamans, ‘illuminated’ ones… Ooooh they are awakened!!! No, awakening simply means waking up from the deep sleep of illusion and realising who we truly are and what we can do to make our lives mean something.

What it means to stop functioning and start living.

Awakening does not mean you quit it all, live in an ashram and sing kumbaya all day long. It is for some but this is only one path and there are many. Actually, no disrespect to people in ashrams or monasteries, it is much more difficult to be awakened and live in the ‘real world’ because the ‘real world’ will tell you you are crazy, not normal, unfit, irrational, out of your mind.

Awakening is scary because it is not ‘tangible’, at least not at first. You get ideas (you don’t know from where), you have dreams, you get feelings, intuitions and usually no one is here to tell you: it’s ok, it’s ‘real’… You read books that seem to answer the questions you were asking yourself, you watch movies that look like prophecies more than movies, you see numbers that repeat… And you wonder… Is it all a coincidence or ‘someone’, ‘something’ is trying to tell me stuff?

You try religions but they are all anchored in the same principle that we are sinners and we need someone else to show us the way, someone pure enough, ‘anointed’ by God ‘himself’… So how can we possibly be seeing the way on our own? Can ‘God’ be talking to me? Through people, through images, through songs, through words, through the birds that decided to nest on my balcony? No… that must be the ‘Devil’…

… and here is how the terrible loop of illusion and ignorance is created and endures.

Now, you will tell me, because you are a smart little thing, if ‘God’ can talk directly to me, if I can find my own way, why would I need you, weird woman who hides behind the silly nickname of the ‘Unicorn’? Ding! Ding! Bingo! Eureka! He/she can be taught!!! You are right, you don’t 😉 And if I can share a little secret with you, it is the very reason why I stay anonymous. Who I am, what my ‘real’ name is, how I look like doesn’t matter at all. In the words of the iconic series Game of thrones ‘a girl has no name’. I am no one, I am just a messenger, a channel. But I have an expertise and a gift. Through the process of the ‘Soul searching journey’, through your own words, your symbols, your dreams I can show you who you are inside. Not project who I think you are and what I think you can do according to my own perspective of life but hold a reflection for you.

Because sometimes we need someone to hold a mirror in front of us to know what we actually look like.

Not the distorted image we usually have of ourselves but a neutral, non-judging image. Where you go from there, what you choose to do will remain your very own… Free will remember? No one can mess with that… not even ‘God’…

So… if you think I am ‘out of my mind’, no worries, continue on your way, no harm done. However, if all this ignites something in you, persevere. Through me, through someone else or on your own. All roads lead to Rome… If you are interested in working with me just go to the page I have created on my blog called ‘Soul Searching Journey’. It describes the process and each of its step, answers a couple of questions you might have and shares my own soul searching journey.

Whatever you do… Believe… in you…

With love and light,

The Unicorn


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