Listen more to Master Yoda you should…

When the first Star Wars was released (the first one that is actually episode 4 yes I know it is all very confusing…), I was a tiny little thing. I remember feeling like the story that was told was somehow familiar to me: the Force, Jedis, the never ending battles of Good vs Evil… It all made sense, it was all very real. Master Yoda was the first master I ever got and I would like to share his amazing wisdom with you.


The Force, that great consciousness that surrounds us, that infinite energy that creates all things…

Some call it God or Goddess, some the Chi, some Spirit… The words don’t matter, what matters is understanding there is a great energy that constantly surrounds us and binds us to one another. I wrote in a previous post on the great illusion we live in, that a lot of us call The Matrix.

The illusion that keeps us separated from one another, the illusion that enslaves us, fools us to believe in thousands of rules that actually do not exist. The illusion that creates boundaries, limits to who we can be, what we should think and who we should love.

If the Matrix is the illusion we are in, the Force is the undeniable reality, the only truth we need to access.

That Force is not outside us, It is in us, It is us. That Force is an infinite consciousness that actually knows who we truly are, who we can be. That knowledge we have it too but we have forgotten it and the more we play the game of society, the more we dive into mass amnesia… and well.. mass hysteria…

That Force is here, always here, but it has one rule… not thousands like they exist in the Matrix… only one… and it is called Free Will… Through Free Will we can choose to see It, connect to It, or forget It and be alone. It will never ‘force’ us to believe in It (ironic isn’t it?). It will never ‘force’ us to become the greatest version of ourselves. It will never ‘force’ us to create a better world. But It is here… waiting…

master-yoda“You must unlearn what you have learned”…

Only when we unlearn what was force fed into our minds will we see the great illusion we live in.

Only when we unlearn what we were told was ‘true’, what we were told was ‘real’ can we break free and see Reality and Truth.

Only when we unlearn what was said about us, our capabilities, our limitations, our ‘pathological problems’, will we be able to become the most powerful version of ourselves.



And our society is engrained in fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Fear of abandonment. Fear of rejection. Fear of what is not ‘like us’, different gender, different race, different religion, different sexual inclination.

We are taught to fear everything and everyone from our young age. We are taught to mistrust what is different, reject it and if need be annihilate it.

Fear is our greatest enemy. Fear has created wars. Fear has created torture. Fear has created domination and has erected the power of brute force as the only reality we believe in.

Did you know that babies actually have only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises? All other fears are acquired. The purpose of the ‘original fear’ is to have a certain degree of cautiousness to keep our bodies alive… That is all… All the other fears are the products of our minds. They are not real.

The opposite of fear is love. Unconditional love. The love that flows freely and expects nothing in return. The love that frees us and make us believe in ourselves.


“Do or do not, there is no try”…

Everything we create in life come from us, not from outside events, from within us, from our thoughts.

Thought is the most powerful and creative tool that was given to us to craft our reality and there is a hierarchy to the power of thought: the thought that exists in our minds, the thought we choose to say out loud, the thought we choose to write and, the most powerful, the thought we choose to put into action.

That is why whatever we choose to do or not, with all of our strength, determination and intent is the most powerful thing we can use to create our reality. When we go half way, when we try, we send mixed signals to the universe, to the Force. And the answer we receive is therefore weak, not ‘right’.


“Always in motion is the future”…

Because we have Free Will, because we have the creative power of thought.

Every decision we make in this instant creates an alternative future.

That is why when you go see a psychic you need to remember they can read what are the influences around you  but they cannot and should not tell you what you will become for they actually do not know. How you will react to events in your life is your choice and yours alone.

“Always in motion is the future” should give us the only certainty we need: we can build a better future, we can build a better us, we can build a better world, now in this instant.


“Patience you must have”…

For there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

For we might intellectually know what is hindering us, our fears, our insecurities, our beliefs, but we need to fully integrate them in our lives, in our hearts, in each and every action we make to see a change.

For you might be ready but others might not be. Remember they have free will. The ‘perfect alignment’ of stars, of wills and intentions takes time… The time it needs…

For rushing somewhere without evaluating the situation, rushing to express our emotions of fear and anger can actually lead us to be in a place we do not want to be.

For time is a human construct that do not exist in the Force.


And that is the only thing that we need to remember: “My ally is the Force and a powerful ally it is”…

If we let the Force guide us, flow through us, not as some external influence we can do nothing about, but as something that is Us as much as we are It, as an immensely loving power that knows us, our real us, a super consciousness that will take us exactly where we are meant to go, then we become the most powerful being on the planet. We become ourselves, our true selves, our unaltered selves, the most beautiful version of ourselves.

Wisdom can truly come from the tiniest of creatures and the most improbable of places…

May the Force be with you.


The Unicorn.

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