Star seeds, indigo, crystal souls… What? How? Why?

In my post Will we let the Matrix win?, I talked about the illusion we are entrapped in and that we call ‘reality’. I encouraged you to find out alternative truths to break free of the illusion… Here is my take on those alternative truths.

When you have been a spiritual little thing like me for as long as you can remember you are naturally in tune with a lot of alternative truths. Those truths I found them in movies, TV series, books, articles, music… anywhere really… Navigating through all that is being said out there is not necessarily an easy thing but I always found that the heart is a great place to start. Whenever I read something new or watch something new I look at how it resonates in me and I strongly encourage you to do the same. You do not have to subscribe into everything or anything I am telling you, just keep an open mind and see how it makes you feel.

There have been a lot of articles published in the last decades talking about the ascension or the energetic transition our planet is going through. Granted, I feel sometimes we don’t seem to be ascending to the light but rather descending into horror and darkness but the two phenomena seem to be intimately linked. Everything in life is about balance, Yin / Yang, up / down, light / darkness. Therefore, it seems quite logical to think that as there is a push towards higher energies, there is, at the same time a pull towards lower ones. That pull is due to the incredible density our planet is made of and the overwhelming fear that is associated to it.

One thing that I learnt years ago is that, as I put it back then: Fear is the enemy of Good. Fear pulls us down, inhibits us, blinds us, drowns us. Fear is a heavy vibration and, as such, is the enemy of light in its double sense.

The articles I am referring to will tell you that we are in a crucial period on our planet. A defining moment for humanity whereby we either wake up and create a new world, based on new principles of love, truth, respect and fairness, or we continue down the path we have created and virtually self destroy.

If you have been reading me for a while you would know that I am not fond of religions. I am spiritual, not religious, and there is a fundamental difference to the two notions. However, I find it interesting that all religions, all of them, have some sort of concept of the apocalypse.

There is something extremely important to understand about the so called apocalypse… It is not the end of things, we are all wiped out, game over, insert coin… No… It is a new beginning… It is meant to be the end of things as we know them to pave the way for a new way of life…

I will tell you another interesting, intriguing even, thing about sacred texts. The Mayas believed that at some point humanity will call on 144,000 souls to assist in the elevation of the planet. Did you know the Bible refers to the exact same number? Thousands of years apart, people channelled the same message… and the same number… Now I don’t know if that number is an exact number of if it is a symbolic number meant to identify a certain ‘critical mass’… But the truth remains that it has been announced that some souls will be specifically incarnated to serve humanity in its ascension… The Mayas believed that it will happen when we will reach 8 billion souls on the planet. Research predicts that number will come around 2025…

Don’t freak out, stay with me… All is good in the hood…. I’m going to start talking about things that are much more fun… Cue in Star seeds, indigo and crystal souls…


Among the ‘light workers’ that are today on the planet, some have very specific vibrations, energy signatures if you will… It is believed that indigo souls, mostly incarnated in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are here to assist in destroying the fake principles that have been erected by our society as ‘reality’. They are the warrior souls, usually quite rebellious from a young age, fighting for new beliefs, new systems. It is said that indigo souls are powerful lie detectors, they are seekers of truth. They usually are incarnated in troubled families, they go through a lot of trauma from a young age… because they can… because they have the armour that goes with it…because that is what will reveal them for who they truly are.

Crystal souls, thought to be born more towards the 80’s, 90’s and beginning of 2000 are the ones meant to build a new world after indigos do their job. They are said to be usually born in families that are already quite spiritual or at least loving, as they need that particular vibration. They have a more balanced energy, a more healing energy. That is not to say that their lives are necessarily easier as they vibrate on a different frequency to the world we live in, a world anchored in density, materialism, separation, power and destruction.

Star seeds are believed to be souls that come from different planets and constellations, among them the Pleiades that are thought to have been at the origin of Ancient Egypt, Andromeda, Sirius etc… Souls that have been previously incarnated in planes that are far less dense than planet Earth. Souls that have known systems and structures that are very different from what we know here. They are here to inspire humanity towards new ways of living.

Indigos, crystals and star seeds, albeit different in their energy signatures and behaviours, both share the same psychic abilities, they have the capacity to connect to higher truths and channel higher energies. They are usually quite strong on the empathy scale and can develop powers of telepathy and clairvoyance… Cool right?

All these ‘special souls’ are said to have answered a call to help humanity but, like any soul incarnated on this plane, have forgotten, the day they were born, who they are, where they come from and most importantly their sacred purpose.

The name of the game being to remember, reconnect with the divine and play their role in the ascension. An incredibly dangerous game as, if they don’t, they will be sucked in the density of Earth and lose themselves… Yes I know, this is less fun… But fear not! As they all have pre-programmed moments, events in their lives, encounters with specific people to help them remember.

Now, I will not tell you who you are, or who I am for that matter, you will have to discover it for yourself. But I will tell you this: if someway, somehow, you know that there is something wrong with the world. If someway, somehow, you think you might be meant for more than the life you are currently leading, please persevere.

Read, stay open to new encounters, new ideas. Connect to the incredibly powerful consciousness that is all around us and that is dying to communicate with us. Find your truth. Find your way. It might be more important than you think.

Whether 144,000 souls is a real number or a symbolic number, what is clear is that there is a need for a certain critical mass of people to shine a particular light in this world. Think of it as the worldwide web of light. The more people will connect to an elevated truth, the more they align to their true self and actual potential, the more that particular light will be reflected onto humanity triggering more awakening along the way.

Contrarily to what is said in the Book of revelations in the Bible, I do not think that these 144,000 are the ones ‘to be saved’ when the time comes and all of hell breaks loose… What is the point of incarnating if anyway it is for you, and you alone, to be saved? No, these 144,000 souls are here to tip off the balance, in order to save more souls, to guide them into a new world.

Let me be clear: ‘saving other souls’ does not mean saving them from eternal damnation, as there is no such thing. Saving other souls means, for me, triggering awakening around you. Whether it is because you are an amazing professor who inspires your students. Whether it is because you are a hairdresser who makes people feel good after they come to see you. Whether you are a gardener that designs beautiful landscapes that make people happy. Whether you are a film maker or a writer that tells stories that ignite hopes in the heart of children and adults. Whether you are an activist that fights for the liberties of others. Whether you are a genius that creates free and safe energy for all. Whether you are a mom or a dad that spreads love and understanding to your kids and all around you.

There is no ‘small calling’. Whether you are a star seed, an indigo, a crystal or none of the above what matters is that you align with your true self and shine your light. The planet needs you to tip off the balance of hate, madness and destruction. There is no small role in that. Every one matters. You matter and you can make the difference.

Shine on light workers!

The Unicorn

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