Will we let the Matrix win?

Remember the movie ‘The Matrix’? Neo? Trinity? How many of you thought it was real? Seriously? OK, not that our bodies are necessarily been harvested for energy by evil machinneo-and-trinityes but that our minds are held prisoners of a virtual system made with fake rules? That our ‘reality’ is actually an illusion…? Did you? Do you? Well I, for one, do.

The Matrix is an amazing metaphor for the world we live in. A world where we do not think freely. A world that tells us who we should be, what we should think, who we should be seen with, befriend and love. A world that is plagued by rules and regulations, limits, boundaries. A world of us versus them. A world of cold rationality and brutal force where we are encouraged to compete and annihilate the others if necessary… To reach what? Power, status and supposedly happiness.

Yes, the Matrix is very real and it has taken hold of humanity leaving it drained, lifeless, helpless and hopeless.

We have plundered and destroyed our world and only a minority of us is actually trying to do something about it. We have elected cold hearted tyrants and we seem to have forgotten we have put them there in the first place. We walk alongside homeless people and we pretend they are not there. We see people being brutalised, killed and displaced by never ending wars and we refuse them the shelter of our homes. We see people that are not ‘like us’, different race, different religion, different beliefs, different sexual inclinations and we are taught to fear them, reject them and if need be exterminate them.

We are in the middle of a f-ing nightmare and we seem to do nothing to wake up from it. “That’s life dude. Accept it.” Really? Seriously?

We have forfeited our free will. We have relinquished our sense of responsibility, our sense of accountability for everything that is happening around us and we seem to think that it is ‘normal’ and that we cannot do anything about it.

Now, if by doing so we were basking in never ending happiness, bliss and joy I would be the first one to say: “all hail the Matrix! It’s amazing!” but we are not now are we? We are sick, we are depressed, we are afraid… so afraid… of life, of choices, of trying and failing, of others, of love.

We are not living we are functioning. We are not thinking we are reiterating the same models we have been in for thousands of years. We are not loving we are putting people in boxes. How long are we going to continue down that road?

In the movie The Matrix, Neo has a choice. He can either take the red pill and see the world for what it really is or take the blue pill and stay in that illusion. By taking the red pill he not only realises that ‘reality’ is a well orchestrated con but he actually discovers himself and his true powers… limitless powers… powers over the laws of physics, powers over life and death.

OK, now I can see you crack a sarcastic smile and go: ‘errrrr, excuse me, Unicorn… It’s a movie with actors and special effects. It is made for en-ter-tain-ment. To have an excuse to eat pop corn and have a bit of fun. It is not REAL….’ How do you know? Have you taken the equivalent of the red pill and PROVED (because we like this word right?) that it is not REAL? Have you? Well I have. I have been down the rabbit hole. I have seen the world for what it really is and I can assure you that this movie speaks the truth. Can I fly and dodge bullets? No… Maybe one day… who knows? But I can assure you the world we live in and take for our ‘reality’ is a complete and utter illusion.

That illusion survives and actually thrives because we are convinced we are here by chance.

Because we are convinced we mean nothing and certainly don’t have any role to play in that thing we call life. Because we are convinced that we are alone, separated from one another and there is nothing, absolutely nothing driving us.

But there is. There is an incredible, powerful Force / Great energy that links us all. A Force that can actually fill us up with limitless power. A Force that has kept the memory of who we truly are and can reignite our sacred purpose if we just let it. We are It and It is us. There is just one rule defining this Force… Not thousands of rules like they exist in the Matrix… just one and it is called Free Will.

That Force is limitless, incredibly powerful, amazingly creative, greater than anything we can imagine with our tiny human brain… but it respects our free will.

So as long as we seem to be content with the world we live in, it can do nothing. That Force will never impose itself on us. It will never ‘force’ us (ironic isn’t it?) to wake up. That is the reality of the Matrix… Forcing us, enslaving us, fooling us.

No, that Force cannot ‘force’ us to wake up but constantly sends us signs. It sends us signs through people writing books, producing movies, creating music. It sends us messages through one another. It sends us messages through our bodies.  It talks to us through our intuition. It talks to us in our dreams.

We just need to quiet our mind, slow down the rat race and listen. That is all. What do we have to lose? And conversely imagine what we could gain. Remember we always have our free will so there is nowhere we can go without willing it. So what is the danger?

If you are not too busy selfying, looking at others’ lives through a tiny screen and being drowned by all the bad news that are sent our way by the media, you might have noticed articles on the shift of energy happening on our planet. You might have perhaps seen articles on lightworkers, star seeds, indigo, crystal, rainbow souls… Now if you are a bit open minded, try a read… Read what those articles are saying. Some sound very new age hippy, some are written by more ‘serious’ people… well like me of course… and I will address those topics specifically but for now just open up and see what comes your way. Look at it with all your intelligence, all of it not just the rational side of it, the emotional and intuitive side of it too. There are two parts to intelligence you know that right? How do these words make you feel? If they are igniting a tiny bit of hope in you but you think just after “oh that is just impossible” just hold on. Let the information sink in and ask yourself: what if it was ‘real’? Just what if… and let your heart process it. Not your brain, your heart. Chances are you will start day dreaming. Of another world. Of another you. And then you will get caught again by ‘reality’. That is ok. Our conditionings are so big, breaking free of them takes time.

If you feel there is something definitely wrong with our world, I am asking you to start reading some alternative truths. You don’t have to go down the rabbit hole just yet but I am asking you to realise there might be a rabbit hole that could be your way out of all this madness. Just consider it and remember you have free will. Nothing and no one can actually ‘force’ you to believe in anything or do anything.

I hope with all my heart that those words will reach and touch some of you. How many does not matter. What matters is who. If those words touch you, please don’t brush them off. Persevere and find your own truth. We are not here by mistake, you are not reading this by chance. Each of us matters. What we do matters and we can change things. And when we start believing this, this is when, as in Star Wars episode 4, we might be able to craft… a New Hope

The Unicorn

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